Decoding Your Cravings: Food Attack!

BENOI NAIR|August 9, 2020

You are deep asleep one night and all of a sudden you wake up with this unimaginable desire to have ice cream! Does it sound familiar? Different people have different cravings and that can go as unique as wanting to eat canned tuna, cottage cheese, and peanut butter or for that matter even milk.

Now, we are not here to talk about cravings but we are here to decode them and find out the real reason why we crave that specific substance. Here it goes:




Ladies do not necessarily have to be pregnant to crave pickles, but it can be a signal that their body need sodium or potassium. The crunchy and acidic taste is just icing on the cake. Men are no different when it comes to cravings!



Fried food

Fried and fast food have become a part of our lives now and most of us are sleep deprived. You feel any connection here? You will be surprised to know that people who crave fried food are often sleep deprived. Although a temporary fix, people should focus on fixing their sleep cycle instead of giving into their fast food desires. As they say, “Sleep well and live long!”





You love to fill your soda jug with loads of ice? You actually enjoy the ice more than the soda? In that case, this might be your body telling you that you are low in iron. Low iron in the body causes anemia, which makes your mouth inflamed and ice kind of soothes it.




‘Cheese’ like any other dairy product contains Calcium and Vitamin D. So, if you crave a sandwich or anything with melting hot cheese then your body might be asking for both. The best part is – it’s easy to find out and supplement.




Everybody loves carbs and need them to function at their best in their daily routine. People who are on a strict low-carb diet, looking forward to their chiseled summer bodies are the ones who crave carbs. Carb cravings are associated with low sugar or insulin levels. Since carbohydrates form an important part of the nutritional pyramid, it should be included very carefully in your daily diet.


We are all humans and we all crave for one thing or the other, which is why we need to decode it in order to solve it. Is your soft spot on the list or you crave something else, which we left for you to COMMENT. Talk to us about your food cravings and if you LIKEd what you just read, then give us a ‘thumbs up’ and SHARE this blog with your friends.




Disclaimer:   The information mentioned above is intended for informational purposes only. Please do not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it mean professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns about your health, you should always consult with a physician or a certified medical practitioner.

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