Community Support 2022

In line with Union Coop’s strategy and excellence in social service for the region in which it operates (the Emirate of Dubai) and emphasizing its role in community service, participation in social and economic development, Union Cooperative has contributed to supporting vital sectors in the emirate and strengthening partnership with government and educational institutions, as follows :

  1. Support for the members of Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for SME Development (Dubai SME) and The Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development: AED 4,914,935.43
  2. Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment: an amount of (AED 1,000,000.00)
  3. The cost of managing, distributing, storing, operating and recycling inventory for the project of The Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation: an amount of (AED 1,389,372.89)
  4. Islamic Sector: Dubai International Holy Quran Award (AED 500,000)
  5. CoTopia for Corporate Social Responsibility: AED 94,500
  6. Reward for National Service Employees: AED 75,446.56
  7. Salaries for People of Determination Employees: AED 774,228.72
  8. Ministry of Economy – Supporting a comprehensive project study for the cooperative sector in the country: an amount of (AED 200,000)
  9. Dubai Autism Center (AED 100, 000)
  10. Watani Al Emarat Foundation – Supporting the first national identity camp: an amount of (AED 2,959)

Union Coop also spreads social awareness in the community by supporting constructive causes of Cultural entities within the community. Union Coop sponsors ‘Marketing and Awareness campaigns’ of Ministries and Private institutions by printing campaign logos/slogans on environmentally friendly shopping bags or setting up dedicated counters to promote campaigns in Union Coop’s branches and malls. These campaigns are promoted in the Malls and all the Union Coop retail outlets by displaying the campaign slogans/ Logo on Cash screens (POS) and other advertisement means such as Staff or the Cashier’s assistant wearing T-shirts bearing the campaign Logo, for example:

  • Khalifa Student Empowerment Program “Aqdar”, (Safer internet Day 2022)
  • Dubai Electricity and Water Authority: (Earth Hour)
  • Dubai Autism Center
  • Erada Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation: (Awareness campaign on the occasion of the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking)

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