Human Development

Human Development (Nationalization and Training)


UAE nationals constitute 27% of the total employees of UNION COOP. UAE nationals constitute 82% of the senior management. UNION COOP endeavors continuously to increase the percentage of Emirati national employees through job nationalization plans and support programs for university students by offering them job opportunities with convenient working hours that suit their educational qualifications, which qualify them to become excellent employees in UNION COOP.

HR Department supports the community by recruiting employees with special needs and places them in positions that suit to their abilities and health conditions.


UNION COOP plays a significant role in supporting and developing human resources. It attaches great importance to the employee training process, so as to boost their efficiency and provide top-quality services to the stakeholders, especially UAE nationals who are trained through special training programs tailored to the types of jobs these individuals would occupy.

UNION COOP focuses on supporting the UAE nationals. For this purpose, UNION COOP has launched “Tomorrow’s Directors Program”, which is a unique contribution in the nationalization initiative in UAE. UNION COOP is investing in the development of Emirati youth so they would become the future leaders of retail business.

This program is a mix of official training and work experience. It aims to achieve sustainable benefits for the Emirati nationals. Not only through offering them job opportunities, but also to gear them up for the professional advancement and to be the future leadership in the long run. This program also aims towards efficiency and confidence enhancement. It encourages the belief that hard work contributes to the welfare of the country.

This program also offers the UAE qualified, enthusiastic university Emirati students the ultimate opportunity to qualify themselves properly. Over time, such individuals would become leaders in this field.

Support of Youth Projects:

Support of youth projects at Mohamed Bin Rashid Foundation aiming at supporting youth projects worth AED 9.3 million

As part of its social responsibility, the Union Cooperative Society sets its sights on supporting national projects, in cooperation with Mohamed Bin Rashid Foundation aiming at supporting youth projects, by providing facilities, services and reductions and contracting on a priority basis with the national members of the Foundation. The value of their transactions through the Union Cooperative Society totaled AED 47,98 million in 2012, whereas total reductions offered to them amounted to AED 9,3 million

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