Community Support

Community Support

Community Support and Area Development:

UNION COOP continuously endeavors to gain the distinguished corporate reputation by serving the community and contributing to the economic and social development of UAE. To that end, UNION COOP supports the vital sectors in the emirate of Dubai, namely health, education and Islamic affairs sectors and non-profitable organizations.

UNION COOP also contributes in raise awareness of the community through participating with the government authorities in their awareness and health campaigns.

Furthermore, UNION COOP contributes in raising community awareness about its social role, by keeping the public of shoppers aware of UNION COOP social contributions periodically through mass media.

Also, the Union Cooperative Society supported vital sectors in the Emirate of Dubai, namely education, health, social, humanitarian and charity sectors as well as Quran Memorization centers and the Holy Quran Award, in addition to partnerships with ministries, government and private institutions, as follows:

Supporting the educational sector with an amount of AED 715000, by supporting 40 schools, 2 universities/ colleges, 2 adult education centers, 4 nurseries in addition to supporting the Ministry of Education by honoring the students who graduated first in their class in the general secondary school.

Supporting the health sector with an amount of AED 160000, by supporting 11 health centers and supporting the Ministry of Health and Dubai Health Authority.

Supporting the social sector, humanitarian and charity work, and Quran memorization centers with an amount of AED 70000, by supporting 7 Quran memorization centers.

Supporting public utility institutions and local departments in the Emirate of Dubai, with an amount of AED 289000, by supporting 14 public utility institutions and associations and a local department.

Supporting the Holy Quran Award with an amount of AED 500,000.

The Union Cooperative Society disbursed an amount of AED 630,000 to meet the needs and objectives of improving the region’s businesses, up to 30/06/2012.

Furthermore, the Union Cooperative Society’s management raised social awareness in the community, by instilling a constructive culture. All this is intended to support a coherent social structure and boost the cultural level. The Union Cooperative Society sponsors marketing and awareness campaigns undertaken by ministries, government and private institutions, by printing the slogan of such awareness campaigns on shopping bags or broadcasting the slogan of these campaigns on POS screens at the Union Cooperative Society branches. Examples include:

Dubai Municipality campaigns: education campaigns for children at the Children’s City (Do not throw it, Help us Keep the Road Clean) campaign 2012.

Marriage Fund campaign, in cooperation with the UAE Genetic Diseases Association (Environmental Health 2012)

The Dubai Health Authority’s awareness campaigns: (Good health, good life; healthy lifestyles- healthy blood pressure, it is possible to control asthma, exercising is good for health and fitness).

Dubai Sports Council: to make physical activities as lifestyle.
In addition to several other campaigns.

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