” Union Coop ” signs agreement to decrease of “Salmon” Fish price 40%

admin|November 22, 2017

Mr. / Yaqoob Al Blooshi, Manager of Fresh Foods in Cooperative Union Society, said “that the Society intends to enter into contracts with Norwegian Companies directly, through which they will provide sea products, such as salmon fish and its derivatives, in competitive prices and high quality, referring that the contracts will lead to decrease of prices of salmon fish and its derivatives in Society’s selling outlets with a percentage of 30 to 40 %, compared to the prices presented now in the markets.

These press releases came while Dubai Cooperative Society of Fishermen was receiving a commercial delegation from the Norwegian Consulate in Dubai, attended by H. E. General / Mohammed Al Mery , Chairman of Board of Directors of Fisheries Society, Mr. / Khalifa Al Mery, General Manager of Society and a number of employees.

Al Balloushi added “In cooperation with Dubai Fishermen Society, the Union Coop prepares program of visits and workshops of a group of tradesmen and producers of salmon fish in Norway, whose events started in This month, so as to communicate and enter into contracts with the original source of these products, without local mediators, and to exchange experiences in this field, to present each best to the consumer”.

With regard to the strategic interests of the direct contracts with the foreign companies, Al Al Blooshi added “that the interests of the contracts are not only limited to decrease of price of Salmon fish and its derivatives, but also they have many issues, the most important of which is to keep the food security, strategic stock of sea products in the country, in addition to giving an impetus to the efforts exerted by the Government Authorities to achieve a sustainable marine environment”.

Al Al Blooshi referred “that the Norwegian Salmon fish has become with big marketability among different slides of marketers in the last few years by presenting it to different branches of Cooperative Union Society, drawing the attention of Society’s Management to enter into contracts with the producers to meet their needs of these products.

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