Memorandum of Understanding with Dubai Autism Center

admin|November 22, 2017

Autistic Disorder has been interested therein by various educational and medical sectors, having different interpretations and methods of treatment based on the different specialties, as one of most common developmental disorders. Infection therewith has been increased during last years, as of one infected with same out of 150 children in 2007 to be 1 out of 91 in 2009.

As per Union Coop General Manager thereof, Mr. Khalid Humaid Bin Diban Al Falasi, under the auspices of this important category as an integral part of society and the constant quest to integrate them into community, UCS decided to take care of Dubai Autism Center, due to its effective role in Dubai, in terms of attention and charity for those infected with autism.

Thereupon, UCS has provided an amount of AED 200,000 under a memorandum of understanding entered there into by and between Dubai Autism Centre and UCS, in order to provide support and strengthen cooperation between the UCS and the community on social development.

The MoU has been entered there into by and between Mr. / Mohammed Al-Emadi, General Manager and Board Member of Dubai Autism Center and Mr./ Suhail Mahmood Sultan Albastaki, Media & Communication Manager, on behalf of the General Manager.

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