Colour Psychology Affects Consumer Behaviour?

BENOI NAIR|June 25, 2019


Colour interestingly is one of the essential parameters that help in defining a ‘choice’ and much broadly it even helps in relating to someone’s emotions as well. Today in the world of Retail, we have colours being associated with different meanings and selecting the right colour for a brand represents the set of values which the brand represents to their prospective audience, or to in plain language, portray a certain image to the public.     

Colour from a ‘retail’ perspective can define a successful store or a hypermarket as it can successfully influence buyer behaviour. Why? Because the colour combination is all about consistency and buyers react to it instinctively. Our brains are programmed to respond to the colour effect and modern retailers are using this colour theory to analyse both the physiological and psychological influences.

Colour psychology is a scientific study that shows how colour affects human behaviour and is often regarded as a part of a broader perspective of ‘Behavioural Psychology’.

Today, it takes around 90 seconds for an average consumer to judge a product and make up his mind to buy it. If anyone wishes to influence buying behaviour in any form of purchase, then understanding Colour Psychology will be the right path to take. For instance – Cleanliness is closely associated with the colour ‘White’ which is why the same colour is preferred in a clinical setting.


Some Interesting Facts:

·        In a very interesting info-graphic posted by ‘Kissmetrics’, more than 85% of the shoppers chose colour as a primary factor behind choosing a particular product.

·        Target consumer is capable of making a subconscious decision or judgement within first 90 second of entering a retail store.

·        52% of the shoppers prefer not to return to a store if the aesthetics are not up to the mark.

·        Visual Appearance affects 93 % of the purchasing decisions.

·        Colour ads are read 42% more than the same ads in Black n’ White.



Colour Perception Based on Feelings


Yellow: Represents Youth and Optimism. Normally used in combination with other colours to grab attention.

Red: Represents Impulsive Energy. The colour can be used to create a sense of ‘urgency’ and to appeal mostly spontaneous shoppers.

Blue: Represents the feeling of ‘trust’ and ‘security’ whereas ‘Navy Blue’ is considered to be a ‘budget conscious’ colour. This is why banks mostly use the colour blue for their marketing materials or even logos.

Green: Represents ‘wealth’ and ‘nature’. Green attracts people who are easy-going.

Orange: Represents ‘Excitement’ and ‘Aggression’, which is why it remains to be a perfect colour for ‘call to action’.

Pink: Represents ‘feminine’ and soft nature. The colour is used to market female products and girly stuff although ‘pink’ is not the most preferred by women.

Black: Represents ‘Power’ and influence. Black is mostly used to market luxury products.

Purple: Represents ‘calmness’ and is used to market pharmaceutical products.

White: Represents ‘peacefulness’ and makes a good background colour.


Colour psychology has found its way in the food business as well. For instance – most fast-food restaurants are using the colour red and orange to encourage people to eat quickly and leave, which any fast-food operator will like to do. On the other hand, the more luxurious brands of restaurants go for sophisticated colours that are softer in nature, which motivates people to stay longer, chat more and order more.

Therefore, it can be concluded that colour sure does influence how people feel and react, but these feelings and reactions are subjected to certain situational, cultural and personal factors. With time and better research, we will be able to understand colour psychology better.

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