Union Coop Honors 377 Distinguished Students in Dubai

admin|November 23, 2017

Union Coop, the largest consumer cooperative in the UAE, intends to honor 377 academically-outstanding students from the daughters and sons of shareholders at “Kafou” program, which is meant to recognize distinguished shareholders children. This recognition falls within the framework of the Cooperative to improve the life standards of its shareholders and spread happiness in the society.

Mr. Suhail Al Bastaki, Director of the Happiness and Marketing Department at Union Coop, said that as per the directives of the Coop’s CEO, the number of outstanding students honored by the “Kafou” contributors program has increased from 200 to 377 students. Where they will be rewarded AED 3,000 purchase coupons with an overall budget of AED 1.131 million. Qualified students must have scored 96.8% and above.

Mr. Al Bastaki also pointed out that the upper management of Union Coop is committed to implementing high-quality programs to motivate students and foster culture of giving that the leadership aspires for.

“Union Coop is committed to providing support to bolstering social responsibility and supporting vital sectors in Dubai. As it has allocated AED 200 million to support these sectors throughout 2016 and 2017. Union Coop is one of the top spenders in this regard among private sector establishments in the UAE,” Al Bastaki added.

The Happiness and Marketing Department- Communication and Social Service Sector is keen to support underprivileged segments, and to organize various programs and activities that impacts society. These initiatives stem from the Union Coop’s belief in the importance of supporting and developing the services provided to members of society as the key component to guarantee the development and prosperity of the UAE.

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