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21 thoughts on “Final Call Vat Free

  1. Hi,

    I was in union coop etihad mall today, and I purchased a lot of thing including the items with tamayuz discount I saw the reduced prices. And when I go to the counter to pay, the uae National lady told me that there is no discount for tamayuz members, I told her that I saw the discounted prices. She ignored me and she let me pay the original price for all the items without discount. This is happening with me for the second time with the same lady.

    And all my family and friends are using their Tamayuz cards, and discount apply.

    Awaiting your feedback

  2. The below is in Rashidiya branch

    I want to escalate a concern or suggestion to the union coop Management which I noticed today. I saw in the 1st floor there are some books kept for sale. Among that books with all the fithnas, the most glorious holy book Quran was kept for sale.
    It affects me very much. I could kindly request the Management to keep Quran in a separate place as it is from the Almighty and that is not the right place to keep the same.
    Kindly give respect to the book which was sent to guide the people to right path.

    May ALLAAH the ALMIGHT show us the right path and to all the man kind and may ALLAAH accept us among HIS loved ones.

    Thanks and regards,
    Syed Bilal

  3. I come early to buy some promotion in hamriyah. Some counter are close too much long line in the counter. No helper available bags are not good. No mudir available. They put 50 percent but in the counter not only 25 percent what is this? All customer angry waisting time for me.

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