Union Cooperative hosts an exhibition of Chinese products

Mohammad Alrefaiy|November 28, 2023

United Arab Emirates, Dubai:

Union Cooperative hosted an economic exhibition for Chinese products at AL Warqa City Mall. The exhibition was organized for a period of 3 days with the aim of enhancing the presence of leading companies operating in the field of high-quality Chinese food products in the retail sector.

The exhibition, which was inaugurated by the Eng. Abdulla Mohammad Rafie Al Dallal, Managing Director, Mr. Nicolas Allan, Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Niels Groen, Chief Commercial Officer, as well as a number of department directors / managers and suppliers of Chinese products, aims to build economic and trade partnerships between the two parties, with Union Cooperative being a main starting point for the Chinese food products displayed at the exhibition.

The exhibition included a wide range of high-quality Chinese products, including 98 food and non-food items such as coffee, apples, strawberries, flowers, cakes, grapes, various flavored teas, nuts, and other products that are in high demand by shoppers.


Union Cooperative confirmed that through this exhibition, it aims to strengthen the common cooperation with the companies supplying Chinese products and open up promising prospects for exchanging experiences, emphasizing that this exhibition will be the beginning of economic cooperation.


The cooperative added that this exhibition is part of its strategies and plans aimed at exchanging business knowledge in the retail sector and attracting the largest possible number of new products for the cooperative to meet consumer demands and ensure their diversity. It emphasized the importance of building successful partnerships with prominent suppliers of Chinese products and leading companies in the retail trade sector.


The suppliers of products and participants in the exhibition expressed their gratitude to the cooperative for giving them the opportunity to showcase their products and for their support and cooperation in organizing the exhibition, which received significant interest from consumers. They highlighted the importance of the exhibition in supporting cooperation between the two parties and embodying their strategic directions for export development, which relies on direct presence in promising and priority markets. They also emphasized that the cooperative is considered one of the most important sales outlets in Dubai for showcasing unique and distinctive Chinese products.



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