Union Coop With Association of Awareness and Care of Juveniles Organizes Lecture ‘Nurture with Love’

BENOI NAIR|January 27, 2019

Prepared by: Benoi Nair


Photographer: Sultan Almarzooqi


The lecture was held at Union Coop headquarters in Dubai


Dubai, UAE:


Union Coop, the largest consumer cooperative in the UAE organized in cooperation with ‘Juvenile Association’ an awareness lecture titled ‘Nurture with Love’ to raise awareness among parents about the dangers of not having dialogues and discussions with their children. This was the part of eighth awareness campaign of the association under the slogan ‘Be with Your Children, So they be with you’.

The lecture was delivered by Dr. Jasim K Mirza, Chairman of the Media Committee of the Association of Awareness and Care of Juveniles, and a member of the Board of Directors.

Dr. Mirza said, “Our Children dwell in a much different time than our own. We must absorb the enormous changes and technological developments that occur on a daily basis and ensure that the gap between parents and children is minimized and constructive dialogue is established between parents and their children. UAE as a society is facing issues such as divorce and drug addiction as they are the main reasons to disruption of the family, which again leads to the destruction of the future of young generation as well as the depletion of large sums of nation’s financial resources, which otherwise can be used for developmental services.”

“Raising our children properly through fortifying them against dangers and giving them the power to earn the skills of dealing with life and instilling Islamic virtues and positive Emirati Arab values in them shall need love and direct positive guidance, in addition to spend regular time with them to discover their positive perspectives and foster them, and redirect their negative perspectives.”

Dr. Mirza stressed the need to follow the children and giving them enough freedom at the same time, get to know their companions in addition to occupying them  with activities offered by many institutions in UAE to help them develop new life skills and to prevent adoption of bad habits due to excessive idle time. He highlights that the opening of discussions and dialogues between parents and children contribute greatly to building bridges of trust between them and contribute to strengthening the family relationship and work towards building a shield against the potential UAE Society challenges.”    





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