Union Coop Organizes Training on ‘Food Safety’ for 300 Employees

BENOI NAIR|September 4, 2023

Prepared By: Benoi Nair


Dubai, UAE:

Through the ‘Strategy, Innovation & Corporate Development’ Dept. Union Coop organized a training course on food safety conducted by the Training & Development Section. This course benefited 300 employees from various Sections, Departments, and Branches involved in food safety within the cooperative.


The cooperative emphasized that through the Training & Development Section, it is committed to enhancing and refining the skills of its employees in line with developments across all fields and sectors. The cooperative noted that the training course was held for all employees and supervisors responsible for food safety and was attended by those working within the cooperative.


The course covered all aspects related to food safety, such as promoting fundamental awareness of food hygiene, developing commitment to food safety within the organization, explaining the connection between microbiology and food poisoning at the highest level of food hygiene in Dubai, demonstrating the need for good hygiene practices and on-site practical applications in food preparation areas, and providing a sufficient understanding of local hygiene systems.


The Strategy, Innovation & Corporate Development Dept. prioritized annual employee training to refine their skills and increase their knowledge in various fields, enriching their knowledge base. The department took on the responsibility of supporting the cooperative’s future strategy to achieve its desired goals, particularly those related to spreading relevant health and food-related awareness and education.

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