Union Coop organizes an entertaining pleasure for the “Family Forum ” elder people

admin|November 26, 2017

In application of the statement of his highness sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum the Ruler of Dubai, the UAE Vice President and Prime Minister (may Allah bless him) ” take care of the elders as taking care of the land ” and in accordance with the International Day Of Older Persons . The Union Co-operative Society as represented by the marketing and communication department, has organized an entertaining pleasure yesterday (Monday) to Dubai Mall for some elders who are enrolled and attend in Dubai Family Forum.
In this occasion, Mr. Yaqoob Al Blooshi , Union Co-operative Society’s Fresh Food purchasing manager, stated ” This entertaining pleasure has launched as a continues special social role for the elder persons through providing best services, social care, initiatives, activities and various celebrations; in addition to encouraging the general and private establishments to create and innovate unique services and to be engaged with the social work.

He added, ” Union Co-operative Society organized three entertaining picnics included 90 elder person previously. He assure that these activities and celebrations will be continued as the organization plans to launch a tour that will target the land and maritime areas during the upcoming months; because it has faith in the importance of taking care of this first generation that has exerted a great effort and sacrificed with the leadership to build and establish a modern state within love and respect to be on a par with the advanced countries in all tracks.
Mr. Imad Rashid, Media section manager, stated that ” these activities are reflection of the organization leading role at various levels and its keen to strengthen the social responsibilities and implementing the human values in the society. He added ” the country and its people can never forget the efforts and the sacrifices that these elder persons offered before so we provide them with what the decent life require and need within their different health status. He pointed out that taking care of the elder persons is the responsibility of all people as it is an integral part of the social infrastructure, culture and religious values that is inherited to the UAE people .
Sheikha Abrahim, a social worker in the Family Forum, thanked the Union Co-operative Society for their continues kind initiatives to the elder persons and for its efforts and keen to full their hearts with pleasure and happiness. She pointed out that this entertaining pleasure was fabulous and was a good reason for changing their daily routine actions through the family atmosphere and the various activities in the tour.
in the same context, the elder persons pointed out that they are always waiting for the organization’s unique initiatives that contributes in instilling the good values among UAE nation; as it always causes happiness, love and respect. They also thanked the organizers for their good welcoming and organization.
The celebration included a luncheon and a tour in Dubai Mall in addition to distributing gifts to the elder people. This took place with the participation of Mr. Yaqoob Al Blooshi
Fresh Food purchasing dept. manager; Mr. Mahmooud Al. Bahr, sienior show room supervisor Aweer branch; Mr. Mohamad Abbas, Umm suqeim branch manager; Omar Al Gaizi, assistant human resources department manager; Mr. Tariq ALHosani, Recritment section Head; and Mr. Badr Ibrahim Purchasing exective.

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