Union Coop organizes a workshop titled Traffic Safety for 55 drivers

admin|November 26, 2017

Union Coop organized a workshop titled :Traffic Safety” for 55 drivers belonging to it, in cooperation with the General Department of Traffic in Dubai Police, whose aim is to spread the traffic awareness and preventive procedures to minimize occurrence of traffic accidents, guarantee the safety of users of roads and public properties.

On commenting the same, Mr.Ahmad Salem Bin Kenaid, Manager of Human Resources Department in Coop Union Society, stressed on the necessity to make drivers of Society’s vehicles aware and enlightened about rules of driving and traffic laws and regulations, in order to promote the level of their traffic obligation, increase the traffic awareness and culture so as to maintain the spirits, and decrease the rate of deaths resulted from the accidents.
Bin Kenaid referred “that during the workshop the drivers of Society were informed about importance of role of compliance with rules of driving and traffic to avoid the traffic accidents and their serious results, which directly participates in limiting the traffic accidents and deaths resulted therefrom. He also praised the efforts exerted by the Management of Traffic Institute to provide the participants with the necessary skills in the field of safety, develop their skills in the practical applications.

Regarding topics dealt with by the workshop, on his part Bin Kenaid said : “The workshop included many main pivots, the most important of which is the rules and procedures of security and safety of vehicles, style of safe driving, types of dangerous violations, in addition to the traffic signs and signals, plus the most important reasons that have led to occurrence of accidents of trucks, including the sudden deviation, not leaving enough distance, extra speed, entrance into a main road without assuring that it is free , and burst of tires, non-compliance with road line, negligence and lack of attention, and accidents as a result of increase of due load.

He also urged the necessity of complying with the procedures of safety, necessary preventive steps related to different parts of the vehicle, enough to keep the vehicles in a good condition in order to avoid breakdowns, being cautious and attentive to maintain their safety.

Meanwhile, the Management of Traffic Institute in Dubai Police, duly represented by its acting manager Mr. Eissa Hussein Al Mutawa’, offered a Certificate of Appreciation for its efforts exerted to succeed the workshop “Traffic Safety”, held for the drivers of Society’s vehicles, where Mr. / Omar Al Qizi, Assistant Manager of Human Resources Department, received it on behalf of the Society.

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