” Union Coop organizes a recreational round for 48 Employees under slogan “Union … My Family” in Eid

admin|November 26, 2017

The Employees Pleasing Unit in Human Resources Department in Union Cooperation Society, organized a recreational round for 48 employees of different branches under slogan ‘Union … My Family” to Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club, and Arabian Peninsula Animals Centre during the holiday of the Blessed Eid Al Adha. This was made within the framework of efforts exerted by the Society to increase the indicator of job satisfaction, which reached more than 90 %, and increase giving of employees, and brightness in their scope of work.

On this occasion, Ahmad Salem Khamis Bin Kenaid , Manager of Human Resources Department in Society said “This round is deemed to be the first of its kind and not the last one, referring that creation of Employees Pleasing Unit on the part of Management of Society assures its continuity and arduous efforts to adopt the most up-to-date methods, which aims at creating a work encouraging environment by organizing different events and activities, such as recreational rounds for the employees and honoring their distinguished ones, visiting their patients, establishing their sport championships … etc., because it believes that the relation between the Society and its employees is mutual friendly relation, assuring that immediately after proposing the idea of recreational round to the Top Management, the proposal was quickly approved”.

He added “that the round was not only recreational, but also cultural, implying perfumed historical fragrances pf UAE habits and traditions, whereas the employees viewed the most remarkable UAE inheritances, nature of life in which the fathers and grandfathers were living before, and the animals and plants that grow in the Country and Arabian Peninsula.

Bin Kaneed referred “that the Employees Pleasing Unit has provided all means of rest, enjoyment and recreation to the employees participating in the round, where it provided them with entrance tickets free of charge to the Arabian Peninsula Animals Centre, Islamic Plants Museum, Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club, in addition to distribution of purchase slips to the employees wining in miscellaneous competitions that took place during the round, plus lunch meal to all participants.

Further, he thanked the organizers of the recreational round for their good organization, provision of all requirements to make the round successful and achieve its aims. He also invited all employees, who have ideas and proposals that help develop the work of Employees Pleasing Unit to report the same to the Human Resources Department to study how to apply the same in reality, so as to push up the services rendered by the Unit.

In the margin of exchanging Eid congratulations with the employees on occasion of advent of the Blessed Eid Al Adha, Mr. / Rashid Al Harmoudi, the Regional Manager of Operations Sector in Union Cooperation Society, commented by saying “We are pleased to organize recreational rounds to help create the spirit of harmonized and beloved team work, paving the way before them to spend joyful social times, far from the official work environment, indicating that the employees of Union Cooperation Society are one family, whether administrators or employees, and that each one of them is responsible in his / her site, and should participate in success and achievement of the desired objectives of Society”.

On the other hand, the employees expressed their admiration of the recreational and tourist places provided to them by the Employees Pleasing Unit, stressing at the same time on the constructive and big cooperation expressed by the employees responsible for organization of round, where they have provided all means of success and were interested in achieving its recreational and social aims.

They said “that the recreational round was very wonderful, and let us view many beautiful and interesting issues; and we thank the Management of Society for this great initiative, whereas the slogan of round “Union … My Family” is not only a slogan, but also a real and fact, adding that the round broke the work routine, increased the abilities with positive energy to exert more and more efforts to make the work successful.

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