Union Coop Organizes 5 Sport Events with 800 Participants of Employees

admin|November 26, 2017

Among activities of Employee Satisfaction Unit, the UCS, represented by the HR Department, organizes 5 sport events to be launched today “Monday” and will last until 22 October, in which 800 employees will participate with the aim of engraving health and sport values and attitudes in employees in order to keep them healthy.

Mr. Ahmad Salem Bin Kenaid, the manager of HR Department in UCS, has stated that: “Those sport events include 5 sports; football, basketball, Volleyball, in addition to Table Tennis and Cricket. Moreover, he mentioned that all sports are available for men. On the other hand, women can participate in only three sports; Volleyball, Basketball and Table Tennis”.

Additionally, Ahmad Salem Bin Kenaid has said that: “Number of the teams participating in the sport events is about 16 teams from all UCS departments and branches”. He further explained that the purpose behind such activities is enhancing the one-team spirit between employees and encouraging communication and interaction between them, apart from spreading the cooperation and competition spirit, as well as boosting the culture and importance of sport in daily life, and its positive aspects which are reflected on their health”.

Furthermore, Ahmad Salem Bin Kenaid has declared that: “the UCS will hold an honoring ceremony for winning teams at the end of sporting events in order to give them prizes and medals, and have dinner, pointing out that such event reflects the Society’s keenness to afford employees recreational options, and encourage them to make sport an integral part of their culture and sound habits.

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