Union Coop Organizes 2nd Informative Session for Electronic Share Trading

BENOI NAIR|February 11, 2020

Prepared by: Benoi Nair


2nd session of the workshop aimed to raise awareness among Union Coop’s communications and media teams, to enhance the shareholders’ experience and assisting them in a better way


Dubai, UAE:


Union Coop – the largest Consumer Cooperative in the UAE’s ‘Happiness and Marketing’ department organized a second session for the Electronic Share trading workshop with Consultant Mr. Waddah Majid Al-Taha. This session aimed to raise awareness among the concerned staff about enhancing the shareholders’ experience when communicating with the shareholders in a better manner.

Workshops like these are a part of Union Coop’s effort in spreading knowledge and information explicitly to unify all responses related to E share trading by all employees.

Previously, the department organized an introductory workshop entitled ‘Electronic Trading of Union Coop Shares’ for the concerned Managers and staff. Both the workshops were received positively by the attendees, who expressed their appreciation due to its informative nature, which will further assist them to improve their response towards shareholders.





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