Union Coop Launches ‘Best Room’ Initiative in its Staff Accommodations

BENOI NAIR|October 6, 2019

Prepared by: Benoi Nair

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Retail Pioneer ‘Union Coop’ – Human Resources and Emiratization dept. has honored ‘43’ employees in its recently launched ‘best room’ initiative, aiming to motivate the employees of the staff accommodation and encourage them to improve the quality of housing and maintain public Hygiene.

“We have launched this awareness initiative to motivate and honor employees to contribute to enhancing the accommodation environment and achieve the highest levels of happiness for employees through the launch of motivational initiatives such as these for them,” said Mr. Ahmed Bin Kenaid, Director of Human Resources and Emiratization, Union Coop. explaining that the “administration formed a committee to visit the staff Accommodations, access to their rooms to evaluate the winner of the initiative.

In detail, the best room on each floor of the Union Coop staff accommodation will be evaluated every 3 months. Winners will receive a certificate of appreciation and a cash prize. In case a room wins twice during the year, the prize money will be doubled.

The initiative also includes the evaluation of the best housing management and the winners receive a certificate of appreciation and cash prize for each housing in charge. In case of three wins during the year, the cash prize will be increased.

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