Union Coop Honors Its Employees from People of Determination

BENOI NAIR|December 10, 2020

Prepared By: Benoi Nair
Photographer: Saeed Ali Kahail 



The honoring ceremony was held to mark ‘Gulf Day for People of Determination’


Dubai, UAE:


On the occasion of the Gulf Day for People of Determination, Union Coop – the largest Consumer Cooperative in the UAE, through the Fresh Category Trade Dept. honored employees from the category of ‘People of Determination’. They were honored for their efforts and contribution in growth and rapid development of Union Coop.

Commenting on this, Mr. YAQOOB MOHAMMAD YOUSIF ISMAIL ALBALOOSHI – Fresh Category Trade Dept. Mgr said: – “The People of determination possess tremendous energy, their creativity exceeds imagination, and their persistence stems from a heart full of love for this life,” explaining that Union Coop contributes to the nation’s initiatives and programs of investing and strengthening the ‘people of determination’ and guaranteeing their rights and preferences.

He added that: – “Union Coop aims to honor them to increase understanding of the issues of people of determination, to support and guarantee their rights, and to bring them into life as productive and distinguished individuals,” indicating that honoring and caring for them encourages other institutions to take care of people of determination and contribute to providing them with job opportunities and involve them in society as effective elements that will develop and strengthen specific organizational work along with rest of the organization as well.


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2 thoughts on “Union Coop Honors Its Employees from People of Determination

  1. Great initiative, keep going the good work., to be a part of such a great company is a privilege and honour which took employee as an essential asset.

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