Media & Communication: Dinner to Celebrate Employee Happiness

BENOI NAIR|December 19, 2019

Prepared by: Benoi Nair


The department team organized a Dinner party to celebrate the welcoming of new-borns in employee families



Dubai, UAE:


‘Media & Communication’ team organized a dinner party for their colleague employees, to celebrate the special occasion of their ‘new-borns’. The dinner party was organized to honour the special occasion in the lives of two individual employees – Mr Saber Ben Jloud, who welcomed a baby girl and Mrs BASHAYER ALSAADI, who also welcomed a baby girl into her family.

The celebration intended to spread ‘happiness’ amongst employees and promote a sustainable bond amongst employees to build a coherent family.

The Director of Media & Communication Department, Dr. Suhail Al Bastaki praised the kind initiative, which was organized by the employees of the department. Furthermore, he believes such initiatives have a positive impact on the work culture and consolidates the concepts of cooperation, happiness and joy in the hearts of employees.

Towards the final moments of the Dinner, the team collectively presented gifts to both the employees, congratulating them and expressing their heartfelt joy for their newfound god’s blessings and wishing both of them the best of Happiness and Health in life.


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