“Cooperative Union” and “Dubai Civil Defense execute a successful unreal evacuation

admin|November 26, 2017

On Sunday, 7th September, the Cooperative Union Society executed a successful practical drill to fight a fire and evacuate, in branch of Jumeirah, in cooperation with General Department of Civil Defense in Dubai, where this comes in framework of interest of the Society in safety of souls and properties, promote the efficiency, readiness, and qualification of employees therein through training, enlightenment and awareness.

In a comment on the successful evacuation operation, Mr. / Suhail Al Bastaki, Manager of Marketing & Communication Department said “The Society gives the aspects of security and safety an extreme care, due to its importance in keeping the safety of employees therein, and its haunters; and it does not slacken in supporting the plans of Crises Department, providing the employees with necessary experiences by performing the practical drills, theoretical lectures to deal with such emergencies, to boost the chances of safety during catastrophes, promote the level of readiness of all employees; and it establishes the best strategic plans to manage the crises and risks, to promote the security and safety requirements in its branches spread in emirate of Dubai, and branches managed by it.

Training of 35 employees

Al Bastaki assured “that the Training and Development Section in Human Resources Department belonging to Society periodically organizes theoretical lectures to its employees. Where 35 employees got training during the first half of the current year, so as to spread the preventive awareness culture, apply the safety conditions at houses, vehicles and public utilities, introduce the individuals to the best methods of use of the tools applied in fire extinguishing process, making the precautions to avoid causes of fires”.

On his part, Ahmed Salim Bankneed, Manager of Human Resources Department said “The Training & Development Section holds many training courses, within the scope of Policy of Environment , Health and Occupational Safety in the Society, where this comes to implement its plans to spread the culture of precautionary awareness, assure the conditions of protection and general safety , in addition to enriching the employees with important skills to enable them to utilize the same throughout the duration of their lives, by promoting their abilities to dispose ideally in emergency cases, and make the proper decision.”

He added “This type of drills is deemed to be a chance to test the general emergency plan related to the Cooperative Union Society , its efficiency and reality by dealing with the general accidents, so as to prevent any injuries in cases of emergencies and catastrophes, referring that the Society is extremely interested in applying the best standards and practices of safety and security in all its buildings, where it gets certificate of “completion of conditions of safety and protection” in labor houses without any remarks, referring the efficiency of the plans applied to its utilities.”

Bankneed expressed his thanks to the General Department of Civil Defense in Dubai and all its staff for their good cooperation, high degree of professionalism, perfection in execution of practical drill, as per the pre-established plans, and wonderful efforts exerted by the Civil Defense Department in establishing the criteria of safety and protection. He also thanked the team of rescue belonging to the Society, who participated in success of this drill with distinguished levels.

On his part, Corporal Ahmed Shiban Khamis, from Office of Planning and Analysis of Risks belonging to General Department of Civil Defense in Dubai “Operation Supervisor”, explained the training scenario by the aspects that the Operations Room received a report at ten o’clock a.m., on a fire that broke out in branch of the Cooperative Union Society in Jumeirah, where the alarm sirens gave sounds, and emergency teams evacuated the building till arrival of the concerned Police Authorities and Civil Defense and the supporting authorities, who arrived within a standard time, and immediately dealt with the accident. As per scenario, about 150 employees and visitors were evacuated, and treatment was given to one case, which was supposed to have been subject to faint on accident site.

Khamis praised “the readiness and efficiency of the employees of the Society, their good conduct, control and organization on dealing with the emergency cases, indicating the high quality and distinguished drills they receive from the Training & Development Section in Society, which support keeping their lives, and those who haunt to the Society, referring that this has effectively participated in success of the drill in a distinguished and quick way.”

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