30 Union Coop Female Employees Participate in the Early Detection Tests for Breast Cancer

BENOI NAIR|November 4, 2021

Prepared By: Benoi Nair


Dubai, UAE:


In line with Union Coop’s keenness regarding the health and safety of employees, and coinciding with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 30 female employees of Union Coop, the largest consumer cooperative in the UAE, conducted early detection tests for breast cancer, in cooperation with the MVR Cancer Centre LLC in Dubai, after the cooperative invited all cooperative’s Female employees who wish to detect breast cancer early as an awareness initiative stemming out of its corporate social responsibility objectives.

Mr. AHMAD BIN KENAID AL FALASI, Human Resources & Emiratization Director, Union Coop, said: Based on our societal responsibility in the cooperative and our concern for the health of all individuals and employees, we stress on the importance of continuing to work and participating in annual health awareness initiatives that enhance public health of the community, pointing out that Union Coop participates annually, in cooperation with its strategic partners in the form of private and governmental sectors, in encouraging the early detection of breast cancer, and spreading awareness to make a difference in society.

He pointed out that Union Coop adopts several plans on enhancing awareness efforts of various diseases and the importance of early detection of any disease to avoid infection, pointing out that the cooperative provided early detection tests for breast cancer for female employees free of charge in cooperation with MVR Cancer Centre LLC in Dubai, thereby expressing his thanks to all the female employees who participated in this campaign to check on their health.



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