Community Support

Community Support

“We all have a duty towards the community we thrive in…”

In line with Union Coop’s strategy for spreading social awareness, supporting the social fabric and improving the cultural level, Union Coop sponsors marketing and awareness campaigns of Ministries, government and private entities by printing the slogans of awareness campaigns on shopping bags, dedicating a counter for promoting campaigns at Coop’s malls and the branches, or by displaying the campaigns’ slogans on screens at the retail outlets in Coop branches. For example:.

  1. Dubai Civil Defense (installation of fire alarms for 1000 homes): (7,398,408.15 AED)
  2. Supporting the members of Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME): AED 7,270,125.44
  3. Supporting the ‘Courts of Good’ initiative by ‘Dubai Courts’ to cover the debts of Defaulters in Prison (AED 1,000,000)
  4. Expenses for the Union Coop Mosque: Amount (AED 694,000.00)
  5. Islamic Sector:
    • The Holy Quran Award: (AED 500,000)
    • College of Islamic and Arabic Studies (AED 100,000)
    • Supporting Holy Quran Memorization Centers (AED 93,000)

6. General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (Challenge Race Program): AED 250, 000

7. Iftar Campaigns (AED 104, 996)

    • Cooperation with Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation for Humanitarian Works: (AED 55,100)
    • Provide Iftar meals to government entities in the Emirate of Dubai: the amount of (AED 49,896)
    • Iftar Meals for the Union Mosque (AED 15,750)

8.Support Employees enrolled in National Service Program (AED 209,823.60)

9. Sports Sector:

UAE Association of Sports (AED 100,000)

10. Ministry of Community Development (Support for Prisoner Families) (AED 100,000)

11.Participated in the “Their Suhour on Us” initiative in corporation with the Community Development Authority (AED 100,000)

12. University of Dubai (Support for Financially struggling students): AED 100,000

13. Security Sector (Dubai Police General Headquarters) Supporting the ‘White Points’ initiative: AED 70,000

14. Supporting Rashid Center for People of Determination (Wheelchairs): AED 42,000

15. Supporting ‘Retired Military Personnel Association’: AED 47,581.70

16. Ministry of Community Development (Teacher’s Day): (AED 10, 000).

17. Emirates Medical Association: The amount of (AED 25,000)

18. Emirates Thalassemia Society: The amount of AED 35,000

Union Coop spreads social awareness in the community by supporting constructive causes of Cultural entities within the community. Union Coop sponsors ‘Marketing and Awareness campaigns’ of Ministries and Private institutions by printing campaign slogans on environmentally friendly shopping bags or setting up dedicated counters to promote campaigns. These campaigns are promoted in the Malls and all the Union Coop retail outlets by displaying the campaign slogans on Cash Register screens and other advertisement means.

Some examples include:

  • Dubai Customs (2019 Carpet Oasis Exhibition- Dubai’s largest carpet festival now in the heart of Dubai’s vibrant City Walk 2)
  • Dubai Statistics Center (Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2019)
  • Dubai Police (‘Don’t lose your son by modifying his car-Don’t encourage Begging – Don’t put their lives on hold – Your Fingerprint for a secured digital Community’)
  • Association of Awareness and Care of Juveniles (Be with Your Children, so they be with you)
  • UAE Rare Disease Society: They are rare… but together they are strong
  • Dubai Municipality: Smart Containers – UAE Without Vehicles
  • Khalifa Empowerment Program: Safer Internet Day 2019
  • Dubai Cares: Dubai Cares Walk for Education 2019
  • Dubai Judicial Institute: Football Tournament 2019 –  7th Session ‘Tolerance Tournament’
  • Gulf Consumer Protection: 14th Gulf Consumer Protection Day 2019
  • Year of Tolerance 2019
  • Dubai Electricity and Water Authority: Earth Hour-WETEX Exhibition
  • Dubai Autism Center: We Walk 
  • Federal Youth Authority: Emirates Youth Summer Academy
  • Dubai Astronomy Group
  • Erada Center for Treatment and Rehab: Permissible – We Cultivate Tolerance to Reap Recovery.

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