Ghala program

Ghala program

Ghala – for Newborns

This program was allocated to the newborns for shareholders during the year 2018. The families of newborns were given purchase cards worth AED 400 per month for 6 months. 700 children were registered under the program and were issued purchase cards. The authorized numbers were achieved during the period from 01/05/2018 until 30/09/2018.

Terms of Registration:

  • The Shareholder should be having a Child during that particular tenure of the program.
  • Shareholder who has more than one child in the same time-period is entitled to enrol in the program wherein he will be issued a card for each child
  • Registration will remain open for Child born in December until 20th of January of the following year, if required number of members are not met.

Documents Required:

  • Identity of the Shareholder + Identity of the Applicant (If both are not the same)
  • Birth Certificate of the Child (Mentioning Name and Details of both Child and Parents)

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