We are proud of you as shareholders with us in UNION COOP and as partners in the way of success.
The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said:
“I and who raises an orphan will be together like this in paradise; he raised his index and middle finger together” (Narrated by Al Bukhari). In a new step and proceeding from our awareness of responsibility for you to provide the best services and the distinguished care which contributes to build the trust between us, we are pleased to provide you with “Mawada” program through which we provide purchase smart card for shareholders in UNION COOP.

M/s Shareholders:
Mawada Program provides the social support specified for the children of the shareholders’ family (the orphans) who are under 18 year only. This aims at providing the basic needs for them through a purchase smart card with the amount of 400 AED monthly for 6 months.
Mawada Program:
This program had been specified for the orphans, children of the shareholders, who get support from Minor Affairs Authority, where the orphans had been given purchases card with the amount of 400 AED monthly for 6 months. 103 orphans had been registered in the program during the period from 01/06/2014 till 31/07/2014. Total amount of 247,200 AED had been disbursed till 31/07/2014 and the registration is continuing till 31/12/2014 or till the allowed number by the management 1000 orphans is achieved.

To register:
1. To Whom It May Concern certificate from Minor Affairs Authority or from any other governmental authority which proves that the orphan receives financial support in the category of an orphan and he/she is under custodianship of his/her mother.
2. Photocopy of ID or Passport of the orphan.
3. Photocopy of ID or Passport of the contributor (The mother).
4. The birth certificate of the orphan.
5. Photocopy of the applicant’s ID.
• The card can be used in all the branches of UNION COOP in Dubai.
• The amount will be recharged automatically by the Cooperative by the beginning of every month for 6 months.
• The specified amount in the card for every month does not stay for the next month if it was not utilized.
• After every transaction done through the card, you will receive an invoice which clarifies the card number and the value of the purchases.
• UNION COOP keeps all the right to add or modify any of the previous articles.

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