Union Coop Awarded the “Best Institution for Supporting Women’s Employment”

Mohammad Alrefaiy|March 10, 2023

Prepared By: Benoi Nair



The Cooperative was honored at the ‘Woibex’ 25th Women Leaders Conference held at Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dubai by the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute

WOIBEX conferences were founded in 1999 to address issues relevant to today’s women and are held annually on March 8th to commemorate International Women’s Day (IWD)

Dubai, UAE:

The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute honored Union Coop with the award ‘Best Institution for Supporting Women’s Employment’ in Dubai, during the onset of ‘Woibex’ the 25th Women Leaders Conference held at Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dubai. Woibex is the first international conference on women’s excellence in the Middle East region, which is held annually in Dubai with the participation of governmental and economic institutions and international organizations in the presence of key decision-makers, leaders, executives and other significant personalities. This year the ceremony marked the Silver Jubilee Celebration for the event.

The cooperative was honored due to its great interest in women employment, training and qualification, in addition to its history of women staff enjoying leadership positions and key roles in jobs successfully, which lead to the consolidation of the foundation of the cooperative in solidarity with the social fabric of the nation.

Union Coop received this award due to its active participation and pioneering success in terms of women employment, which itself sets a benchmark for other private institutions. Union Coop is a prominent name when it comes to offering key leadership roles to women in the workplace and offering them an optimistic work environment with work-life balance, which is among its top priorities and objectives when it comes to empowering employees of both sexes.

Commenting on the honor, Union Coop affirmed UAE’s care for women, a nation that gave them their status and a pivotal role in its development. The UAE’s wise leadership supported and strengthened their position in society to keep pace with the development at all levels, which reflects the trend of having women in key decision-making roles. Union Coop thanked the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute for its confidence and honoring the cooperative with such a prestigious award that is an international recognition for supporting women’s employment.

Union Coop continued that based on the directives of the wise leadership and their vision for women to be in leadership roles and them having the opportunity to be an active component in the institutions, the cooperative highlighted them and put within its annual plans the employment of women in leadership positions and increasing their percentage consistently in all jobs and allowing them to be a vital element in the society and a primary contributor to the nation’s economy.

The consumer cooperative also indicated that being honored in a ceremony that is considered a global platform for empowering women, and witnessed by several leaders, is one of its real achievements in the field of women empowerment, as this is a prominent international event that builds bridges of dialogue and communication to enhance and develop leadership skills and helps face the competitive challenges for women to achieve top-most economic, scientific, professional and cultural status in the society.

Union Coop confirmed that it would continue to support, enhance the status of women, whether in the work environment or society, and move towards a new vision during 2023 and beyond. The future will be centered on empowering women to improve their knowledge and career path and develop their experiences according to the best leadership practices for women to be a contributing factor in building a comprehensive institutional system in the cooperative.

There were several award winners from other categories as well.



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