Statement – Managing Director

Statement – Managing Director

We believe in excellence, innovation and hard work that supersede traditional boundaries, to achieve tangible results and success and be a valuable addition to the retail sector in the country. Therefore, we have made the challenges surrounding Union Coop opportunities for success in quantity and quality, in a way that directly benefits its operations, shareholders and consumers, wherein the cooperative contributed significantly to achieving important steps in the process of developing the economic sector, especially retail trade, in a way that meets the future requirements and aspirations of the Emirate of Dubai in this field.

Our principles and strategies have played a major role in drawing the road map to reach the goals that we set since the inception of the cooperative, wherein the strategy was relying on research and development with the efforts of the members of the board of directors, the work team and the functional cadres of the cooperative, to be pioneers in the retail trade, as this is reflected in our achievements on the ground, which made us draw clear paths for the next stage, relying on national principles to develop the national economic sector and expand strategically all over the Emirate of Dubai until we have become one of the best cooperatives in the region.

We are always working on implementing national initiatives, including the recruitment, qualification, training, development and strengthening of the national (Emirati) workforce, and helping them to focus their energies to become effective elements in the development process of the economic sector to achieve and fulfil the vision of the UAE government and its wise leadership.

We have never neglected to read and understand reality and the future, as we have created reliable and advanced electronic platforms based on artificial intelligence, and we are constantly working to update them according to the requirements of the present era, moreover, we are constantly conducting special studies and researches to create an integrated database on the needs of community members and consumers, as well as community initiatives and promotions that we launch on a weekly and monthly basis and the occasions of national and community importance to delight customers and community groups.

Finally, we rely on a consistent approach since the founding of the cooperative, to bring about fundamental changes in all of our business by carrying out continuous development processes and creating mechanisms that meet the requirements of each stage and period, which will help us in overcoming the current and future challenges that may surround us.

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah,


Abdulla Mohammed Rafea Al Dallal

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