Civil Engineer

  • Male
  • UAE National
  • Bachelor
  • 5 & Above
  • Investment Division

Performs Civil Engineering functions and ensures application of high standards in design, construction and development of projects and timely completion of projects.

Manages and monitors contract/ agreement till completion of the project.

Understands the design, engineering and material specification related to the whole project.

Coordinates with all assigned parties (consultants / contractors/ subcontractors/ authorities/ UCS Depts.) to ensure compliance.

Reviews and evaluates the Concept Design/Detailed design and tender documents of the project during design and execution stages.

Provides clear and technical advice to consultants/contractors/sub contractors on all the technical aspects.

Studies/approves all changes/variation of orders during the project period and prepare all related documents required for getting approvals.

Reviews the Contractors/Suppliers / Consultant’s Progress Payment Certificate and authorities’ fees.

Attends progress and technical meetings with various department/ contractors/ consultants for project evaluation and technical advice.

Monitors the progress of whole work including random visits to sites, pointing out delays and advising changes, material approvals, shop drawings approvals.

Compares project specifications with site conditions to assess the feasibility of successful execution of the project.

Updates the section manager/ Department Manager about work progress.

Supervises and follows up with consultants/contractors and other personnel for monitoring and timely completion of project.

Plans and communicates targets for project completion.

Prepares and revises costing and estimations for civil works executed throughout the project.


Latest construction trends and developments

Project Management

Labor markets and material rates


Skills    Planning and Organizing

Team Work


Conflict / negotiation

PC Literate & Report Writing

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